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First Annual ACRDC Research Conference

October 18-19, 2012


Advances in Research with Census and NIHS Microdata
The First Annual Research Conference for the Atlanta Census Research Data Center
University of Georgia, Athens, GA
October 18-19, 2012

Thursday, Oct. 18

12:30-1:30        Box Lunch and Welcome            Julie Hotchkiss, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
                                                                                       Jeffrey Dorfman, UG A


1:30-2:30        John Haltiwanger, U Maryland   "Workplace Concentration of Immigrants" 


2:45-3:45        Demographic Research in the ACRDC
                                Tomeka Davis, GSU                       "How Adoption Context Influences Parental Investment
                                                                                               and Educational Outcomes of Children"
                                Erik Nesson, Ball State/Emory      "Heterogeneity in Adult Smokers' Responses to Tobacco
                                                                                              Control Policies: A Quantile Regression Approach"

4:00-4:30          Break

4:30-6:00          Economic Research in the ACRDC
                                Jie (Jack) He, UGA                      "The Exit Choices of Entrepreneurial Firms"
                                Mark Curtis, GSU                         "Are Management Practices a Source of Energy
                                                                                           Efficiency: An Examination of the U.S. Experience"
                                Cliff Lipscomb,                              "Anticipating Methodological Issues in Evaluating the Long-term
                                Greenfield Advisors/GA Tech      Effect of NIST MEP Services on Establishment Performance"

6:30                    Reception

7:00                    Dinner



Friday, Oct. 19

7:30-8:00            Breakfast Buffet

8:00-9:00            Health Research in the ACRDC
                                     David Frisvold, Emory                   "Soft Drink Taxes and Obesity"
                                     Neil Mehta, Emory                          "Mortality and Morbidity Attributable to Obesity in the
                                                                                                 United States"

9:15-9:45            Break

9:45-10:45          Paige Ouimet, UNC-Chapel Hill           "Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Employee Compensation and Firm Value"

11:00-12:00        Economic Research in the ACRDC
                                     Ian Schmutte, UGA                         "Why It Matters Who You Know: Evidence on the Role of Job Information Networks"
                                    Chris Forman, GA Tech                  "Information Technology and (Downstream) Vertical
                                                                                                  Integration: Evidence from Plant-level Data"

12:30                    Lunch and Q & A                                    All Participants
Presentation and Moderated by Melissa Banzhaf, ACRDC Administrator


2:00                      Adjourn


Special thanks to the University of Georgia Office of the Provost State of the Art Conference Funds.