AYSPS Research Paper Series

paper 1

Nonprofit Wages: Theory and Evidence

(Barry T. Hirsch, Georgia State University. David A. Macpherson, Trinity University. Anne E. Preston, Haverford College.)

An Experimental Game of Loss Sharing

(Wulf Gaertner, University of Osnabruck. Lars Schwettmann, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Yongsheng Xu, Georgia State University.)

Early Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Care Access, Risky Health Behaviors, and Self-Assessed Health

(Charles Courtemanche, Georgia State University. James Marton, Georgia State University. Benjamin Ukert, University of Pennsylvania. Aaron Yelowitz, University of Kentucky. Daniela Zepata, IMPAQ International.)

Unobserved Input in Household Production

(Sergey Mityakov, Clemson University. THomas A. Mroz, Georgia State University.)

The Role of Housing in Carbon Emissions

(Kyle Mangum, Georgia State University.)

An Approach for Empirical Work in Spatial Dynamics

(Kyle Mangum, Georgia State University.)

Parental Work Hours in Childhood Obesity: Evidence Using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility

(Charles Courtemanche, Georgia State University. Rusty Tchernis, Georgia State University. Xilin Zhou, Georgia State University)

Understanding Unobserved Propensities of Suicide in the United States: A Hierarchal Model With Spatially Correlated Random Effects

(Jaesang Sung, Georgia State University. Qihua Qiu, Georgia State University. Will Davis, Georgia State University. Rusty Tchernis, Georgia State University.)

Bias against Novelty in Science: A Cautionary Tale for Users of Bibliometri Indicators 

(Jian Wang, Georgia State University. Reinhilde Veugelers, University of Leuven. Paula Stephen, Georgia State University)

Context Factors and the Performance of Mobile Individuals in Research Terms

(Chiara Franzoni, Politecnico di Milano. Giuseppe Scellato, Politecnico di Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto. Paula Stephan, Georgia State University.)

The Affordable Care Act and Ambulance Response Times

(Charles Courtemanche, Georgia State University. Andrew Friedson, University of Colorado Denver. Andrew P. Koller, University of Colorado Denver. Daniel I. Rees, University of Colorado Denver.)

Vocational and Career Tech Education in American High Schools: The Value of Depth Over Breadth

(Daniel Kriesman, Georgia State University. Kevin Stange, University of Michigan.)

Agglomeration and Informality: Evidence of Peruvian Firms

(Maria Bernedo Del Caprio,University of Maryland, Baltimore. Carlianne Patrick, Georgia State University.)

A Superior Instrument for the Role of Institutional Quality on Economic Development
(Elizabeth Gooch, USDA Economics Research. Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Georgia State University. Bauyrzhan Yedgenov, Georgia State University.)

The Effects of Media Campaigns on Individual Attitudes Towards Tax Compliance; Quasi-Experimental Evidence From Survey Data in Pakistan
(Musharraf R. Cyan, Georgia State University. Antonios M. Koumpias, Georgia State University. Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Georgia State University.)

Wage Determination in Social Occupations: The Role of Individual Social Capital
(Julie Hotchkiss, Georgia State University, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Anil Rupasingha, U.S. Department of Agriculture)

The Role of Housing in Urban Carbon Emissions
(Kyle Mangum, Georgia State University)

Fiscal Decentralization, Equalization, and Intra-Provincial Inequity in China
Yongzheng Liu, Remin University of China. Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Georgia State University. Alfred M. Wu, The Education University of Hong Kong)

Optimal Public Debt Redux
(Santanu Chatterjee, University of Georgia. John Gibson, Georgia State University. Felix Rioja, Georgia State University)

Using Spatial Factor Analysis to Measure Human Development
(Qihua Qiu, Georgia State University. Jaesang Sung, Georgia State University. Will Davis, Georgia State University. Rusty Tchernis, Georgia State University)

On the Estimation of Treatment Effects with Endogenous Misreporting
(Pierre Nguimkeu, Georgia State University. Augustine Denteh, Georgia State University. Rusty Tchernis, Georgia State University.)

Rotation Group Bias in Measures of Multiple Job Holding
(Barry Hirsch, Georgia State University. John V. Winters, Oklahoma State University.)

Paying for priority in school choice: Capitalization effects of charter school admission zones
(Elena Andreyeva, University of Pennsylvania. Carlianne Patrick, Georgia State University)

Demand for New Cities: Property Value Capitalization of Municipal Incorporation
(Carlianne Patrick, Georgia State University. Christopher Mothorpe, College of Charleston)

How Well Do Subnational Borrowing Regulations Work?
(Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Georgia State University. Violeta Vulovic, The World Bank)

Frozen in Time: The Much Needed Reform of Expenditures Assignments in China
(Yongzheng Liu, Renmin University of China. Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Georgia State University. Baoyun Qiao, Central Universtiy of Finance and Economics)

The Effect of Smoking on Obesity: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
(Charles Courtemanche, Rusty Tchernis, Benjamin Ukert, Georgia State University)

Panel Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage and Difference-in-Differences as "Sufficient Statistics"
(Spencer Banzhaf)

Coming and Going: Spatial Heterogeneity in Gross Population Flows
(Kyle Mangum , Georgia State University)

The Puzzling Fixity of Multiple Job Holding Across Regions and Labor Markets
(Barry T. Hirsch , Muhammad M. Husain, John V. Winters)

Multiple Job Holding, Local Labor Markets, and the Business Cycle
(Barry T. Hirsch , Muhammad M. Husain, John V. Winters)

Adult Education and Risk Attitudes
(Alberto Chong, Joan J. Martinez)

Does Economic Prosperity Breed Trust?
(Marcus Brueckner, Alberto Chong, Mark Gradstein)

Comprehensive Outcomes of a Large and Decentralized Rural Roads Program in Peru
(Alberto Chong, Martin Valdivia)

Impact of Allowing Sunday Alcohol Sales in Georgia on Employment and Hours
(Julie L. Hotchkiss, Yanling Qi)

Housing Bubbles and Zoning Corruption: Evidence from Greece and Spain
(Antonis M. Koumpias, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Eduardo Sanz-Arcega)

Impact of First-Birth Career Interruption on Earnings: Evidence from Administrative Data
(Julie L. Hotchkiss, M. Melinda Pitts, Mary Beth Walker)

Can Changing Economic Factors Explain the Rise in Obesity
(Charles Courtemanche, Josh Pinkston, Christopher Ruhm, George Wehby)

Enhanced Citizenship Verification and Children's Medicaid Coverage
(James Marton, Angela Snyder, Mei Zhou)

Transnational Activities of Immigrant-Owned Firms and Their Performances in the United States
(Qingfang Wang, Cathy Yang Liu)

Cities and Labor Market Dynamics
(Kyle Mangum)

Socio-Economic Groups, Individual and Social Mobilities: An Axiomatic Framework and the Chinese Society
(Lezheng Liu, Baoyun Qiao, Xiaoyu Wu, Yongsheng Xu)

Measuring Deprivation in a Multi-Attribute Framework with Ordinal Data
(Yi Li, Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Yongsheng Xu)

"Pay for Percentile": Rawlsian vs. Utilitarian
(Yongzheng Liu, Yongsheng Xu)

Adjusting Body Mass for Measurement Error with Invalid Validation Data
(Charles Courtemanche, Joshua C. Pinkston, Jay Stewart)

Reaping What Bush Sowed?
(Paula Stephan)

Charter High Schools' Effects on Long Term Attainment and Earnings
(Kevin Booker, Brian Gill, Tim Sass, Ron Zimmer)

International Competition for PhDs and Postdoctoral Scholars: What Does (and Does Not) Matter
(Paula Stephan, Giuseppe Scellato, Chiara Franzoni)

Migrant Scientists and International Networks
(Giuseppe Scellato, Chiara Franzoni, Paula Stephan)

Impacts of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Provision on Health-Related Outcomes of Young Adults
(Silvia Barbaresco, Charles J. Courtemanche, Yanling Qi)

Health Insurance Generosity and Conditional Coverage: Evidence from Medicaid and Managed Care in Kentucky
(James Marton, Aaron Yelowitz)

Evaluating Workplace Mandates with Flows vs Stocks: An Application to California Paid Family Leave
(E. Mark Curtis, Barry T. Hirsch, Mary C. Schroeder)

Family Welfare and the Great Recession
(Julie L. Hotchkiss, Robert E. Moore, Frenando Rios-Avila)

Unauthorized Immigration and Electoral Outcomes
(Nicole Rae Baerg, Julie Hotchkiss, Myriam Quispe-Agnoli)

Who Cares - and Does it Matter? Measuring Wage Penalties for Caring Work
(Barry T. Hirsch, Julia Manzella)

Adjusted Employment-to-Population Ratio as an Indicator of Labor Market Strength
(Julie Hotchkiss)

Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: Evidence from the Expansion of Natural Gas Infrastructure
(Resul Cesur, Erdal Tekin, Aydogan Ulker)

Sidney and Beatrice Webb's Institutional Theory of Labor Markets and Wage Determination
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

The Optimal Level of Market Competition: Neoclassical and New Institutional Conclusions Critiqued and Reformulated
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

Employee Voice before Hirschman: Its Early History, Conceptualization, and Practice
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

The Impact of Incarceration on Food Insecurity among Households with Children
(Robynn Cox, Sally Wallace)

Does Residence in an Ethnic Community Help Immigrants in a Recession?
(Pengyu Zhu, Cathy Yang Liu, Gary Painter)

Nonprofit Competitive Advantage in Grant Markets: Implications of Network Embeddedness
(Lewis Faulk, Jesse Lecy, Jasmine McGinnis)

The Co-Movement of Couples' Incomes
(Stephen H. Shore)

Licensure and Worker Quality: A Comparison of Alternative Routes to Teaching
(Tim R. Sass)

Identifying Idiosyncratic Career Taste and Skill with Income Risk
(Stephen H. Shore, Daniel Barth, Shane T. Jensen)

Anthropometric Mobility During Childhood
(Daniel L. Millimet, Rusty Tchernis)

Freedom and Its Value
(Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Yongsheng Xu)

Rationality and Context-dependent Preferences
(Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Yongsheng Xu)

The ethical bases of public policies: a conceptual framework
(Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Yongsheng Xu)

Single-profile choice functions and variable societies: characterizing approval voting
(Hanji Wu, Yongsheng Xu, Zhen Zhong)

On Kantian equilibrium and conjectural variation equilibrium
(Yongsheng Xu)

On a new class of measures for health inequality based on self-reported health outcomes
(Guangming Lv, Yang Wang, Yongsheng Xu)

Child Care Subsidies, Maternal Well-Being, and Child-Parent Interactions: Evidence from Three Nationally Represented Datasets
(Chris Herbst, Erdal Tekin)

Combat Exposure and Migraine Headache: Evidence from Exogenous Deployment Assignment
(Resul Cesur, Joseph J. Sabia, Erdal Tekin)

From Cities to Suburbs: Intrametropolitan Location and Growth of Ethnic Enterprises
(Cathy Yang Liu, Samir Abdullahi)
Does Shortening the School Week Impact Student Performance? Evidence from the Four-Day School Week
(D. Mark Anderson, Mary Beth Walker)

Value Added of Teachers in High Poverty Schools and Lower Poverty Schools
(Tim R. Sass, Jane Hannaway, Zeyu Xu, David Figlio, Li Feng)

Teacher Quality and Teacher Mobility
(Li Feng, Tim R. Sass)

Competing Risks Analysis of Dropout and Educational Attainment for Students with Disabilities
(Li Feng, Tim R. Sass)

What Makes Special-Education Teachers Special? Teacher Training and Achievement of Students with Disabilities
(Li Feng, Tim R. Sass)

Skills, Productivity and the Evaluation of Teacher Performance
(Douglas N. Harris, Tim R. Sass)

Where You Come From or Where You Go? Distinguishing Between School Quality and the Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation Program Graduates
(Kata Mihaly, Daniel McCaffrey, Tim R. Sass, J.R. Lockwood)

Immigrant Employment through the Great Recession: Individual Characteristics and Metropolitan Contexts
(Cathy Yang Liu, Jason Edwards)

Modeling Area-Level Health Rankings
(Charles Courtemanche, Samir Soneji, Rusty Tchernis)

Modeling Area-Level Health Rankings
(Samir Soneji, Rusty Tchernis)

On Fiscal Illusion and Ricardian Equivalence in Local Public Finance
(H. Spencer Banzhaf, Wallace E. Oates)

Interjurisdictional Housing Prices and Spatial Amenities: Which Measures of Housing Reflect Local Public Goods?
(H. Spencer Banzhaf, Omar Farooque)

The Minimum Dropout Age and Student Victimization
(D. Mark Anderson, Benjamin Hansen, Mary Beth Walker)

An Anatomy of Racial and Ethnic Trends in Male Earnings
(John V. Winters, Barry T. Hirsch)

Does Universal Coverage Improve Health? The Massachusetts Experience
(Charles J. Courtemanche, Daniela Zapata)

Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity
(Charles J. Courtemanche, Garth Heute, Patrick McAlvanah)

How large do multi-region models need to be?
(Florenz Plassman, Andrew Feltenstein)

Sub-national Revenue Mobilization in Peru
(Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza, Jorge Martinez-Vasquez, Cristian Sepulveda)

Government Fiscal Policies and Redistribution in Asian Countries
(Iris Claus, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Violeta Vulovic)

Propensity to Invest and the Additionality of Capital Transfers: A Country Panel Perspective
(Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Andrey Timofeev)

Defining the Universe of Social Enterprise: Competing Metaphors
(Dennis R. Young, Jesse Lecy)

Public Goods, Labor Supply and the Source of Economic Distortions
(Cristian Sepulveda)

Anatomy of the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle
(Jesse D. Lecy, Elizabeth Searing)

Profiles of Nonprofit Startups and Nonprofit Entrepreneurs
(David M. Van Slyke, Jesse D Lecy)

Substitution and income effects of lump-sum income at the aggregate level: The effective budget constraint of the government an the flypaper effect
(Cristian F. Sepulveda)

The Impact of Tax and Expenditure Policies on Income Distribution: Evidence from a Large Panel of Countries
(Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Blanca Moreno-Dodson, Violeta Vulovic)

A Computational General Equilibrium Approach to Sectoral Analysis for Tax Potential: An Application to Pakistan
(Andrew Feltenstein, Musharraf R. Cyan)

Rethinking the Political Economy of Decentralization: How Elections and Parties Shape the Provision of Local Public Goods
(Raul A. Ponce-Rodriguez, Charles R. Hankla, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Eunice Heredia-Ortiz)

Toward a More General Theory of Revenue Assignments
(Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Cristian Sepulveda)

Some Issues of Methods, Theories, and Experimental Designs
(James C. Cox)

Risk Tolerance, Self-Interest, and Social Preferences
(Lucy F. Ackert, Anne Gillette, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Mark Rider)

On the Empirical Relevance of St. Petersburg Lotteries
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj, Bodo Vogt)

On the Coefficient of Variation as a Measure of Risk Sensitivity
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj)

Cooperating to Resist Coercion: An Experimental Study
(Lucy F. Ackert, Ann B. Gillette, Mark Rider)

Avoiding the Curves: Direct Elicitation of Time Preferences
(Susan K. Laury, Melayne Morgan McInnes, J. Todd Swarthout, Erica Von Nessen)

Procurement Auctions for Differentiated Goods
(Jason Shachat, J. Todd Swarthout)

Play to Learn? An Experiment
(Martin Dufwenberg, J. Todd Swarthout)

A National Analysis of Public/a>Private Wage Differentials at the State and Local Levels by Race and Gender
(Gregory B. Lewis, Chester S. Galloway)

Arms or Legs: Isomorphic Dutch Auctions and Centipede Games
(James C. Cox, Duncan James)

Direct Tests of Individual Preferences for Efficiency and Equity
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj)

On the Coefficient of Variation as a Criterion for Decision Under Risk
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj)

Identification of Voters with Interest Groups Improves the Electoral Chances of the Challenger
(Vjollca Sadiraj, Jan Tuinstra, Frans van Winden)

Is There a Plausible Theory for Decision Under Risk? A Dual Calibration Critique
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj, Bodo Vogt, Utteeyo Dasgupta)

Building the Stock of College-Educated Labor Revisited
(David L. Sjoquist, John V. Winters)

Trust with Private and Common Property: Effects of Stronger Property Right Entitlements
(James C. Cox, Daniel T. Hall)

Estimating Subjective Probabilities
(Steffen Andersen, John Fountain, Glenn W. Harrison, E. Elisabet Rutstrom)

Latent Process Heterogeneity in Discounting Behavior
(Maribeth Coller, Glenn W. Harrison, E. Elisabet Rutstrom)

Theory, Experimental Design and Econometrics Are Complementary (And So Are Lab and Field Experiments)
(Glenn W. Harrison, Morten Lau, E. Elisabet Rutstrom)

Characterizing Risk Attitudes of Industrial Managers
(Glenn W. Harrison, Sebastian Moritz, Richard Pibernik)

The Methodologies of Neuroeconomics
(Glenn W. Harrison, Don Ross)

The Methodological Promise of Experimental Economics
(Glenn W. Harrison)

Inferring Beliefs as Subjectively Uncertain Probabilities
(Steffen Andersen, John Fountain, Glenn W. Harrison, Arne Risa Hole, E. Elisabet Rutstrom)

Tax Reform, the Informal Economy, and Bank Financing of Capital Formation
(Andrew Feltenstein, Maral Shamloo)

The Psychological Costs of War: Military Combat and Mental Health
(Resul Cesur, Joseph J. Sabia, Erdal Tekin)

Effects of the Built Environment on Childhood Obesity: The Case of Urban Recreational Trails and Crime
(Robert Sandy, Rusty Tchernis, Jeff Wilson, Gilbert Liu, Xilin Zhou)

A Tale of Two Cities? The Heterogeneous Impact of Medicaid Managed Care
(James Marton, Aaron Yelowitz, Jeffery Talbert)

Was the Great Depression the Fault of Government and Unions? An Institutional/a>Keynesian Analysis
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

Economic Analysis of Labor Markets and Labor Law: An Institutional/a>Industrial Relations Perspective
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

The Airport Concession Industry: Important Issues and Trends
(Bruce A. Seaman)

Bayesian approach to zero-inflated bivariate ordered probit regression model, with an application to tobacco
(Shiferaw Gurmu, Getachew Dagne)

Flexible Bivariate Count Data Regression Models
(Shiferaw Gurmu, John Elder)

Minimum Wage Channels of Adjustment
(Barry T. Hirsch, Bruce E. Kaufman, Tetyana Zelenska)

Some Coasian Problems with Posnerian Law and Economics
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

The Diffusion of IT in Higher Education: Publishing Productivity of Academic Life Scientists
(Anne E. Winkler, Sharon G. Levin, Paula E. Stephan)

The Economics of University Lab Science and the Role of Foreign Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars
(Grant C. Black, Paula E. Stephan)

Conveying Quality and Value in Emerging Industries: Star Scientists and the Role of Learning in Biotechnology
(Matthew J. Higgins, Paula E. Stephan, Jerry G. Thursby)

Estimating the Firm's Demand for Human Resource Management Practices
(Bruce E. Kaufman, Benjamin I. Miller)

Are There Distinct Employment Systems? New Evidence from American Firms
(Bruce E. Kaufman, Benjamin I. Miller)

The Impact of Public Library Use on Reading, Television, and Academic Outcomes
(Rachana Bhatt)

The Impact of Public Library Use on Reading, Television, and Academic Outcomes
(Rachana Bhatt)

The Impact of School Lunch Length on Children's Health
(Rachana Bhatt)

Retiree Health Benefits and the Decision to Retire
(James Marton, Stephen A. Woodbury)

Inequality and Volatility Moderation in Russia: Evidence from Micro-Level Panel Data on Consumption and Income
(Yuriy Gorodnickenko, Klara Sabirianova Peter, Dmitriy Stolyarov)

Does Labor Supply Respond to a Flat Tax? Evidence from the Russian Tax Reform
(Denvil Duncan, Klara Sabirianova Peter)

The Impacts of Gifted and Talented Education
(Rachana Bhatt)

A Non-Experimental Evaluation of Curriculum Effectiveness in Math
(Rachana Bhatt, Cory Koedel)

A Non-Experimental Evaluation of Curriculum Effectiveness in Math
(Rachana Bhatt, Cory Koedel)

Interfirm Mobility, Wages and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S.
(Moshe Buchinsky, Enis Fougere, Francis Kramarz, Rusty Tchernis)

Housing the Aging Baby Boomers: Implications for Local Policy
(John W. Matthews, Geoffrey K. Turnbull)

On procedures for measuring deprivation and living standards of societies in a multi-attribute framework
(Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Sanjay G. Reddy, Yongsheng Xu)

Mission-Market Tensions and Nonprofit Pricing
(Dennis R. Young, Taehyun Jung)

Puppet Leadership: An Essay in honor of Gabor Hegyesi
(Dennis R. Young)

Insurance Purchase for Low-Probability Losses
(Susan K. Laury, Melayne Morgan McInnes, J. Todd Swarthout)

Wages, Rents and Heterogeneous Moving Costs (second version)
(Douglas J. Krupka, Kwame Donaldson)

Myth and Reality of Flat Tax Reform: Micro Estimates of Tax Evasion Response and Welfare Effects in Russia
(Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Klara Sabirianova Peter)

Global Reform of Personal Income Taxation, 1981-2005: Evidence from 189 Countries
(Klara Peter Sabirianova, Steve Buttrick, Denvil Duncan)

Global Reform of Personal Income Taxation, 1981-2005: Evidence from 189 Countries
(Klara Peter Sabirianova, Steve Buttrick, Denvil Duncan)

Income Tax Flattening: Does it Help Reduce the Shadow Economy
(Klara Sabirianova Peter)

Income Tax Flattening: Does it Help Reduce the Shadow Economy
(Klara Sabirianova Peter)

Wage Gaps Large and Small
(Barry T. Hirsch)

The Maturity Structure of Bank Credit: Determinants and Effects on Economic Growth
(Nikola Tasic, Neven Valev)

On Dominance and Context-dependence in Multi-attribute Decisions
(Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Yongsheng Xu)

Coalition Decisions and Simple Majority Rule
(Yongsheng Xu)

The Property Tax Exemption for Nonprofits
(David L. Sjoquist, Rayna Stoycheva)

How a Minimum Wage Can Improve Efficiency Even in Competitive Labor Markets: The Webbs and the Social Cost of Labor
(Bruce Kaufman)

The Effect of Insurance Premium Taxes on Employment
(Martin F. Grace, David L. Sjoquist, Laura Wheeler)

Stemming Inequality? Employment and Pay of Female and Minority Scientists and Engineers in the Federal and Private Sectors
(Greg Lewis, Seong Soo Oh)

The Friends and Family Plan: Assessing the Impact of Knowing Someone Gay on Support for Gay Rights
(Gregory B. Lewis)

Graduate Education and Federal Career Success: How Well Does the MPA Stack Up?
(Gregory B. Lewis, Seong Soo Oh)

Representation of Lesbian and Gay Men in Federal, State, and Local Bureaucracies
(Gregory B. Lewis, David W. Pitts)

The Today and Tomorrow of Kids
(Marco Castillo, Paul Ferraro, Jeff Jordan, Ragan Petrie)

Employee Choice of Flexible Spending Account Participation and Health Plan
(Barton H. Hamilton, James Marton)

Can Employers Solve the Adverse Selection Problem for Insurers?
(James Marton)

Myth and Reality of Flat Tax Reform: Micro Estimates of Tax Evasion Response and Welfare Effect in Russia
(Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Klara Sabirianova Peter)

Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality
(Denvil Duncan, Klara Sabirianova Peter)

Labor Law and Employment Regulation: Neoclassical and Institutional Perspectives
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

Learning about Learning in Games through Experimental Control of Strategic Interdependence
(Jason Shachat, J. Todd Swarthout)

Jacob Mincer's Contribution to Modern Labor Economics: A Review Essay
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

The Incidence of Tobacco Taxation: Evidence from Geographic Micro-Level Data
(Andrew Hanson, Ryan Sullivan)

Estimation of Sample Selection Models with Spatial Dependence
(Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Kurt E. Schnier)

A Fiscal Perspective of State Rescaling
(Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Andrey Timofeev)

Why Are Smart Cities Growing? Who Moves and Who Stays
(John V. Winters)

Direct Tests of Models of Social Preferences and a New Model
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj)

Revealed Altruism
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj)

Implications of Trust, Fear, and Reciprocity for Modeling Economic Behaviora>
(James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj)

Trust, Fear, Reciprocity, and Altruism: Theory and Experiment
(James C. Cox)

Discrimination in the Lab: Experiments Exploring the Impact of Performance and Appearance on Sorting and Cooperation
(Marco Castillo, Ragan Petrie)

Income Mobility:The Recent American Experience
(Robert Carroll, David Joulfaian, Mark Rider)

The Interdependence of School Outcomes and School and Neighborhood Crime
(Mary McGarvey, William J. Smith, and Mary Beth Walker)

Retail Proximity and Residential Values or Do Nearby Stores Really Run Down Property Values?
(John W. Matthews)

Are Errors in Official U.S. Budget Receipts Forecasts Just Noise?
(Robert M. McNab, Mark Rider, Kent D. Wall)

Who Bears the Burden of Taxes on Labor Income in Russia?
(Jorge Martinez, Mark Rider, Riatu Qibthiyyah, Sally Wallace)

Gender Wage Differentials in Uganda: Evidence from the Uganda National Household Survey
(Paul Kagundu, Olga Pavlova)

Patents, R&D and lag effects: Evidence from flexible methods for count panel data on manufacturing Firms
(Shiferaw Gurmu, Fidel Perez-Sebastian)

The Non-existence of the Labor Demand/a>Supply Diagram, and Other Theorems of Institutional Economics
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

Public Benefits of Undeveloped Lands on Urban Outskirts: Non-Market Valuation Studies and their Role in Land Use Plans
(H. Spencer Banzhaf)

Moving Beyond Cleanup: Identifying the Crucibles of Environmental Gentrification
(H. Spencer Banzhaf, Eleanor McCormick)

Theorizing Human Resource Management and the Firm's Demand for HRM Practices
(Bruce E. Kaufman)

Exploring the Revenue Mix of Nonprofit Organizations - Does it relate to Publicness?
(Robert L. Fischer, Amanda L. Wilsker, Dennis R. Young)

Conceptions of Individual Rights and Freedom in Welfare Economics: A Re-examination
(Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Yongsheng Xu)

Do Individuals Comply on Income Not Reported by Their Employer
(James R. Alm, John Deskins, Michael McKee)

The Effects of Retirement on Physical and Mental Health Outcomes
(Dhaval Dave, Inas Rashad, Jasmina Spasojevic)

Incidence and Economic Impacts of Property Taxes in Developing and Transitional Countries
(Edward B. Sennoga, David L. Sjoquist, Sally Wallace)

Discrimination in the Workplace: Evidence from a Civil War in Peru
(Marco Castillo, Ragan Petrie)

Assessing the Welfare Impact of the 2001 Tax Reform on Dual-earner Families
(Julie Hotchkiss, Robert E. Moore)