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uVenture Competition Engages New Generation of Nonprofit Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs

Georgia State students learned what it takes to be a social entrepreneur during this fall’s uVenture Social Challenge. Each participant engaged in an interdisciplinary experience in creating and proposing innovative solutions to pressing social issues. The winning teams also walked away with prize money.

During the Venture Social Challenge, participants were introduced to many… more »


Amber Slyter

Posted On June 3, 2016

Amber serves as the Academic Specialist for Public Management and Policy. Her duties include student support, instructor support, GRA coordinator, student events coordinator, and course scheduler for the department.


CARE Intern Works Towards Gender Equality in Malawi

For eight weeks over the summer, second-year MPA student Melissa Jennings interned for CARE International’s Pathways to Empowerment Program in Malawi. Jennings worked primarily on the midpoint evaluation of the five-year program, which uses the teaching of improved agricultural techniques as a tool for empowering women.

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Innovation, Industry and Diversity Attract High-Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Posted On June 6, 2014 by Kelly Brokenburr

The latest surge in high-tech companies has many cities looking to attract greater shares of this industry to their communities. In fact, many have put in place policies they believe will draw greater numbers of high-tech immigrant entrepreneurs.

In the white paper, “Lessons for U.S. Metro Areas: Characteristics and Clustering of High-Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurs” (Ewing… more »