College Committees

Andrew Young School Committees

Executive Committee

Mary Beth Walker                           Dean

Nancy Kropf                                      Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives

Cynthia Searcy                                 Assistant Dean for Academic Program Enhancement

Sally Wallace                                    Chair, Economics

Richard Wright                                Chair, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Greg Lewis                                         Chair, Public Management and Policy

Brian Bride                                         Director, School of Social Work


Management Committee

Mary Beth Walker                          Dean

Nancy Kropf                                    Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives

Cynthia Searcy                               Assistant Dean for Academic Program Enhancement

Sally Wallace                                   Chair, Economics

Richard Wright                               Chair, Criminal Justice and Criminology

Greg Lewis                                        Chair, Public Management and Policy

Brian Bride                                        Director, School of Social Work

Elizabeth Beck                                 Director, Center for Collaborative Social Work

Jim Cox                                              Director, Experimental Economics Center

Karen Minyard                                Director, Georgia Health Policy Center

Jorge Martinez                                Director, International Center for Public Policy

Carolyn Bourdeaux                       Director, Center for State and Local Finance


Promotion and Tenure Committee

Andrew Feltenstein (Chair)         Economics

Brent Teasdale                                 Criminal Justice and Criminology

Tim Sass                                             Economics

Greg Streib                                        Public Management and Policy

Elizabeth Beck                                 School of Social Work


Faculty Affairs Committee

Fred Brooks (Chair)                         School of Social Work

Joshua Hinkle (at large)                 Criminal Justice and Criminology

Barbara Warner                                Criminal Justice and Criminology

Michael Price                                     Economics

Bill Kahnweiler                                 Public Management and Policy



Academic Programs Committee

Cynthia Searcy (Chair)                   Dean’s Office/Public Management and Policy

Mark Reed                                           Criminal Justice and Criminology

Rusty Tchernis                                  Economics

Carolyn Bourdeaux                         Public Management and Policy

Lionel Scott                                         School of Social Work


Committee on Faculty Appeals

Dean Dabney                                    Criminal Justice and Criminology

Susan Laury                                      Economics

Christine Roch                                 Public Management and Policy

Jan Ivery                                           School of Social Work


Student Appeals Committee

Leah Daigle                                      Criminal Justice and Criminology

Grace O                                             Economics

Dennis Young                                 Public Management and Policy

Terri Lewinson                               School of Social Work


Andrew Young School’s GSU Senators

Barbara Warner                            Criminal Justice and Criminology

Volkan Topalli                               Criminal Justice and Criminology

Robert Moore                                Economics

Shelby Frost                                   Economics

Shif Gurmu                                      Economics

Vjollca Sadiraj                               Economics

Janelle Kerlin Bassett                 Public Management and Policy

Joseph Hacker                               Public Management and Policy

Greg Streib                                      Public Management and Policy

Fred Brooks                                    Social Work

Lionel Scott                                     Social Work

Shelly-Ann Williams                    Office of Academic Assistance (Staff Senator)



Visiting Fellows Program Advisory Committee

Jim Cox (Chair)                                Experimental Economics Center

Dennis Young                                   Public Management and Policy

Volkan Topalli                                  Criminal Justice and Criminology

Mark Rider                                        Economics

Elizabeth Beck                                  School of Social Work

Angela Snyder                                  Georgia Health Policy Center


Faculty Diversity Committee

Karen Watkins                                 Social Work

Cathy Liu                                           Public Management and Policy

Glenwood Ross                               Economics

Cyntoria Johnson                          Criminal Justice and Criminology


Staff Diversity Committee

Shelly-Ann Williams (Chair)       Office of Academic Assistance

Lakshmi Pandey                              Fiscal Research Center

Shereen Bhan                                   International Center for Public Policy


Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Review Committee

Bruce Seaman                                  Economics

Ted Poister                                        Public Management and Policy

Sue Collins                                         Criminal Justice and Criminology

Bernice Liddie-Hamilton             Social Work

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