Criminal Justice Faculty & Staff

  • Timothy Brezina
    Juvenile Delinquency, Youth Violence, Criminological Theory
  • Ruiyun (Frances) Chen
    Biosocial Criminology, Developmental Criminology, Psychophysiology, Salivary Bioscience
  • Dean Dabney
    Policing, Organizational Misconduct, Qualitative Methods
  • Leah Daigle
    Victimization, Life-course criminology
  • Joshua Hinkle
    Evidence-based policing, the disorder-crime nexus, fear of crime and experimental methods
  • Scott Jacques
    Crimes against drug dealers
  • Cyntoria Johnson
    Critical race theory, Eyewitness misidentification, and globalizing criminal justice education.
  • Dara Jones-Williams
  • Mary Mason
  • LaRose Raston
  • Mark Reed
    Impact of Criminal Justice Processes
  • Eric Sevigny
    Drug Policy, Sentencing, Measurement
  • Michael Shapiro
    Constitutional Law
  • Volkan Topalli
    Violence in urban settings
  • Barbara Warner
    Role of informal social control of inappropriate behavior in preventing crime and violence
  • Richard Wright
    Urban street criminals