Andrew Young School Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Summer Internship Program

Previously funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Important Dates:
Application deadline: April 25, 2014

Approximate Program dates: June 9, 2014 - July 28, 2014

  • For students interested in cross-registering for the summer, please click here for the cross-registration deadlines.

Changes to the AYS REU Summer Internship Program 

We have reconfigured the AYS Summer Internship Program in order to give more Georgia State University students, especially honors students, a chance to participate.  Starting this summer, summer 2013, the AYS Summer Internship Program will be offered as a summer school course [ECON 4941 INTERNSHIP] for GSU students taught by the program director, Economics faculty member James Marton.  Honors students will be able to receive honors credit for the course.  As in past summers, interested students will need to apply to be accepted into the program / allowed to register.

What are YOU doing this summer?

Try jump-starting your senior year by participating in a seven-week summer school course / learning program for undergraduates. Offered by the Georgia State University's Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the summer policy internship is a seven-week learning program for undergraduate students entering their senior year. Interns partner together to work with faculty members on policy research projects in the school's research centers.

Internships are available for a select number of students who have demonstrated overall academic achievement, as well as an interest in an area of public policy. Areas of study include environmental economics, international economics, state and local governance, public financial management, education and education reform, criminal justice, social work, health care, and many other topics vital to a functioning society.

The final product each intern produces is a draft of a research paper and a brief presentation of their findings.

Separate yourself from the pack

What do graduate admissions offices and employers look for when recruiting newly minted college graduates? Experience. Internships can help you focus your career interests, improve your resume and prepare for graduate school. You'll gain experience in policy research by developing a research project that emphasizes the practical application of knowledge and skills gained during your undergraduate studies. You also will participate in a weekly seminar with AYS faculty.  All of this prepares you for successful graduate studies or employment; see what some of our previous participants are doing

Who should apply?

The summer policy internship program welcomes successful GSU students with a broad range of educational backgrounds, including the social sciences, economics, criminal justice, education, social work, political science, business, the physical sciences and humanities, among others. If you have an interest in policy studies and have demonstrated academic achievement in your area of interest, you are encouraged to apply.

We especially encourage applications from GSU honors students, both within and outside of the Andrew Young School.  In addition, we strongly encourage minority and female students to apply.

Areas of study
Areas of study include a variety of projects underway in the following centers:

Applicants should indicate interest(s) in order of priority on the application form.

Application instructions

For further details and application instructions, see the attached application form.


For more information on the summer policy internships, contact:

Professor Jim Marton

Regular mail:

Summer Internship Program
Department of Economics
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 3992
Atlanta, GA 30302-3992

In person mail (FedEx, UPS, etc):
14 Marietta Street NW
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