About Us

The Department of Economics is housed within the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. The department features innovative research resources, including the Experimental Economics Laboratory, and maintains a strong multi-disciplinary approach to policy analysis. The department has 31 full-time faculty members, and will grow over the next five years to over 40 faculty, making it one of the largest economics departments in the country. A full range of degrees – Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees – is offered.

Economics instruction at the Andrew Young School is distinguished by its emphases on policy and evaluation. Our faculty specialize in public economics, environ­mental and labor economics, urban and regional economics, the eco­nomics of education and experimental methods, with growing emphasis on the empirical evaluation of public policies and programs.

Our public finance program is among the best in the country. It currently ranks No. 4 in U.S. News and World Report’s annual issue on the nation’s best graduate schools. In addition, the latest Southern Economic Journal analysis of the scholarly productivity of economics faculty ranked our school No. 11 in the fields of public economics, No. 8 in urban and regional economics, No. 14 in general economics and teaching, No. 16 in methodology and history of economic thought, No. 20 in environmental economics, and No. 23 in labor demographic economics.

Our economics graduates are highly sought after by employers. Many have been recruited to the faculty of some of the top schools in the county. Many others are making significant contributions in government, academia and public sector careers.