Ph.D Placements

Name Graduation Year Initial Placement Current Placement (if different)
Simorangkir, Rhita 2017 Summer CERGE-EI
Tracy, Dustin 2017 Fall Chapman University, Postdoctoral
Choi, Jinsub 2017 Summer Seoul National University, Postdoctoral
Datta, Biplab 2017 Summerl Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Fatehin, Sohani 2017 Summer Dickinson College
Gao, Xiaoxue 2017 Summer UMass AG Ec Department
Koumpias, Antonios 2017 Summer University of Michigan Dearborn
Kwok, Julian 2017 Summer TCORS, Postdoctoral
Liu, Bo 2017 Summer Southern New Hampshire University
Mukherjee, Shagata 2017 Summer University of Mumbai
Qiu, Qihua 2017 Summer Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Small, Oronde 2017 Summer Ministry of Finance, Jamaica
Yedgenov, Bauyrzhan 2017 Summer The World Bank, consultant
Zilio, Giulia 2017 Summer Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Tsang, Ming 2016 Fall Hamilton College
Andreyeva, Elena 2016 Summer The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral
Bernedo Del Carpio, Maria 2016 Summer The University of Maryland Baltimore County
Lee, Dan 2016 Summer Rice University, Postdoctoral
Li, Yi 2016 Summer Slippery Rock University
Romeh Mohamed Ali, Fatma 2016 Summer Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Taha, Mohammad 2016 Summer Furman University
Ukert, Benjamin 2016 Summer The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral
Mickey, Ryan 2015 Fall Maryville College, Assistant Professor
Trussell, Melissa 2015 Fall Georgia Perimeter College, Lecturer
Fleurimond, Vladimir 2015 Summer Indiana University Bloomington, SPEA, Visiting Assistant Professor
Gao, Guanlin 2015 Summer Indiana University South Bend, Lecturer of Economics
Ouayogode, Marietou 2015 Summer The Dartmouth Institute, Post-Doc
Qi, Yanling 2015 Summer California State University, Long Beach, Assistant Professor
Sen, Astha 2015 Summer Truman State University, Visiting Assistant Professor Sonoma State University
Tasik, Hizkia 2015 Summer NA
Zhou, Xilin 2015 Summer Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Prevention Effectiveness Fellowship
Afreen, Evana 2015 Spring Ernst & Young, LLP, Human Capital Consultant
Martin, William 2015 Spring Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Policy Economist
Almada, Lorenzo 2014 Summer Columbia University, Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Basu Roy, Subha 2014 Summer Missouri State University, Assistant Professor
Condon, Jeffrey 2014 Summer McKinsey and Company, Senior Research Analyst
Curtis, Mark 2014 Summer Wake Forrest, Assistant Professor
Gooch, Elizabeth 2014 Summer USDA, Economist
Lopes, Luciana 2014 Summer NA
Mothorpe, Christopher 2014 Summer College of Charleston, Assistant Professor
Sen, Urmi 2014 Summer Stoney Brook, Post-doc KPMG US, Senior Associate-Economic and Valuation Services
Brumlik, Alexander 2013 Summer King University, Assistant Professor
Li, Danyang 2013 Summer Hofstra University, Assistant Professor
Liu, Yongzheng 2013 Summer Renmin University of China, School of Finance, Associate Professor
Rios Avila, Fernando 2013 Summer Levy Economic Institute of Bard College, Research Scholar
Woldemichael, Andinet 2013 Summer University of Maryland, School of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research Dept., Post-doc
McClellan, Chandler 2013 Spring National Bureau of Economic Research, Post-doc Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality
Seid, Yared 2013 Fall International Growth Center, Addis Ababa, Researcher
Baris, Omer 2012 Summer Georgia State University – Visiting Professor Nazarbayev University, Assistant Professor
Bizuneh, Menna 2012 Summer College of St. Benedict and St. Johns, Assistant Professor Pitzer College, Assistant Professor
Brown, Leanora 2012 Summer Augustana College University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, Assistant Professor
Buschman, Robert 2012 Summer Fiscal Research Center (FRC), Senior Research Associate
Coffman, Erin 2012 Summer Airbnb, San Fransisco – Analyst
Miranda Montero, Juan Jose 2012 Summer Inter-American Development Bank, Research Fellow The World Bank, Environmental Economist
Balthrop, Andrew 2012 Spring American University of Sharjah
Hawley, Zackary 2012 Spring Texas Christian University, Assistant Professor
Vasquez, Harold 2012 Spring Central Bank of Dominican Republic, Deputy Director of Research
Wilkin, Kelly 2012 Fall U.S. Census Bureau, Social, Economics, and Housing Statistics Division
Calvet, Roberta 2011 Summer Newberry College, Economics Instructor Strong ESAGS – Escola Superior de Administração e Gestão, Assistant Professor
Christie, Tamoya 2011 Summer University of West Indies, Lecturer The College at Brockport – SUNY, Assistant Professor
Wilsker, Amanda 2011 Summer Georgia Gwinnett College, Assistant Professor
Hanauer, Merlin 2011 Spring Sonoma State University, Assistant Professor
Zelenska, Tetyana 2011 Spring Innovations for Poverty Actions
Canavire Bacarreza, Gustavo 2011 Fall Georgia State University – ICP2 Universidad EAFIT, Director in the Center for Research on Economics and Finance
Stephenson, Andrew 2011 Fall Georgia Gwinnett College, Assistant Professor
Vulovic, Violeta 2011 Fall Georgia State University – ISP The World Bank Indonesia
Bhattacharya, Sandeep 2010 Summer Duke University, Visiting Assistant Professor
Christian, T.J. 2010 Summer Brown University – Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research, Post-doc ABT Associates, Senior Analyst
Duncan, Denvil 2010 Summer Indiana University, Assistant Professor
Holmes, William 2010 Summer Georgia Gwinnett College, Assistant Professor
Tesfu, Solomon 2010 Summer Maxwell School – Syracuse University Mount St. Mary’s University, Assistant Professor
Turner, Sean 2010 Summer Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Researcher Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Manager
Hall, Daniel 2010 Spring High Point University, Assistant Professor High Point University, Chair-Department of Economics
Jacobson, Sarah 2010 Spring Williams College, Assistant Professor Williams College, Associate Professor
Khan, Abdullah 2010 Spring Kennesaw State University, Assistant Professor
Ospina, Monica 2010 Spring Universidad EAFIT
Sepulveda, Cristian 2010 Spring Georgia State University – Visiting Professor State University of New York – Farmingdale, Assistant Professor
Cyan, Musharraf 2010 Fall Georgia State University – ICP2, Senior Research Associate
Delaney, Jason 2010 Fall Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock, Assistant Professor Georgia Gwinnett College, Assistant Professor
Cesur, Resul 2009 Summer University of Connecticut, Assistant Professor
Chupp, Benjamin 2009 Summer Illinois State University, Assistant Professor Georgia Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor
Cox, Robynn J. 2009 Summer Spelman College, Assistant Professor
Winters, John V. 2009 Summer Auburn University Montgomery, Assistant Professor Oklahoma State University, Assistant Professor
Donaldson, Kwame N. 2009 Spring U.S. Census Bureau – Housing and Household Economic Statistics Moody’s Analytics, Economist
Jin, Yinghua 2009 Fall Georgia Southern University, Temporary Assistant Professor Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Assistant Professor
Kannan, Harini Letha 2009 Fall Poverty Action Lab, India, Post-doc/Senior Research Manager
Simatupang, Rentanida R. 2009 Fall The World Bank The Local Public Sector Initiative, Research Fellow
Chen, Shiyuan 2008 Summer HBC Bank, Hong Kong Bloomberg LP, Asia Economist
Qibthiyyah, Riatu M. 2008 Summer University of Indonesia Jakarta, Head of Economics Undergraduate Program University of Indonesia Jakarta, Associate Director for Research
Raab, Roman 2008 Summer National University of Ireland at Galway, Post-doc Research Fellow at the European Commission in Italy
Monkam, Nara 2008 Spring University of Pretoria, Senior Lecturer African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF), Director of Research
Malafaia, Viviane M. 2008 Fall Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Miller, Benjamin I. 2008 Fall Southeast Transfer Pricing Group, Deloitte Tax LLP, Tax Senior Bennett Thrasher, Transfer Pricing Director
Oburu, Peter H. 2008 Fall Equifax Equifax, Leader of Automotive Vertical Analytics
Yuwono, Thalyata E. 2008 Fall The World Bank, Jakarta – Sustainable Development Unit