Ground Rules

Policy Studies in Europe

Study Trip Ground Rules

Maymester 2017


1. You are all adults, but some basic rules are required to ensure that the class goes smoothly. Consider this to be our Social Contract for the trip. Note the following passage that you signed as part of your application, which indicates that any student can be expelled from the trip at any time for poor behavior:


“I agree that I shall be subject to the supervision and authority of the faculty in charge and to the standards of conduct stipulated by the faculty in charge. I further acknowledge that the supervising faculty has the sole authority to make decisions regarding the continued participation of any individual in the Program whose conduct may necessitate disciplinary action. Any refund of fees shall be in the sole discretion of the University and the University reserves the right to refuse a refund.”


2. The legal age for drinking in most of Europe is 16. We will not monitor alcohol consumption by students under 21. However, we ask that everyone refrain from drinking alcohol during the day, particularly when there are afternoon visits with policymakers and executives.


3. Attendance is mandatory at every event that is part of our itinerary. This includes all site visits, instructional times, walking tours, boat tours, and group meals. Only students who are very ill may skip a session or outing, and in this case, you should ask instructor to arrange for a doctor visit.


4. Students must remain awake during all presentations. This is harder for some than others. Making the most of our time in Europe frequently involves reduced sleep in addition to the time difference. Maybe you need to get to bed earlier if you find yourself having trouble staying awake during presentations. We will ask sleepers to leave the room. Sometimes walking around a bit can help.


5. It is very important that we be on time for every site visit and outing. We have a packed schedule, and it would be an affront to the policymakers and executives who have agreed to meet with us if we were late to an appointment. If you are more than five minutes late to an outing, we may have to leave without you. Students who are late more than once and/or miss more than one session because of tardiness will see consequences in their course grade.


6. Site visits require professional attire. For men, this means slacks, a dress shirt, and preferably a tie and sport coat or suit jacket. For women, this means slacks or a skirt and an appropriate blouse and/or jacket. Please do not wear the following to a site visit: jeans, shorts, Capri pants, sandals/thongs/flip flops, t-shirts, tennis shoes/sneakers.


7. This is a non-smoking trip. We ask that participants refrain from smoking in any of the facilities, organizations, or restaurants that we visit. You may smoke outside when the group is on break from a tour or event.


8. We recommend that students travel in groups after dark. Europe is safe to explore for the most part, but it is easy to get lost.


I have received a copy of the ground rules and agree to abide by them. I understand that failure to abide by the ground rules may result in expulsion from the program.


Signature __________________________________________

Date _____________________


*This contract must be signed and turned into Dr. Streib BEFORE we depart for Europe!