International Criminal Justice Review

The International Criminal Justice Review (ICJR) is a scholarly journal dedicated to presenting system wide trends and problems on crime and justice throughout the world. Articles may focus on a single country or compare issues affecting two or more countries. Both qualitative and quantitative pieces are encouraged, providing they adhere to standards of quality scholarship. Manuscripts may emphasize either contemporary or historical topics. As a peer-reviewed journal, we encourage the submission of articles, research notes and commentaries that focus on crime and broadly defined justice-related topics in an international and/or comparative context.

Started in 1991, the ICJR was published for 14 years at GSU. In 2005, the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology entered into an agreement with Sage Publishing Company to publish the journal four times annually. The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology maintains editorial control over the ICJR, but Sage markets the journal, digitizes all back issues for their Full-Text On-Line Criminology Collection, and expands the journal’s reach and impact on the field.

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