Boom, Bust and Recovery Deepened Employment Disparities in Georgia, New Study Finds

ATLANTA–Changes in Georgia’s economy from 2000 to 2012 affected employment in the state’s urban and rural regions differently, according to a new report by Georgia State University’s  Center for State and Local Finance (CSLF). Georgia lost 1.1 percent of its jobs during this period, losses that were not evenly distributed between the state’s urban… more »

Social Work Student Creates Scholarship Fund to Promote Diversity, Remember Son

Posted On January 5, 2015 by Perri Campis, MPA Student

On November 12, 2012, Allison Webb’s only child, Georgia State student Lee Lowery III, died due to injuries from a gunshot wound. She created the concept of The Lee Project, a scholarship fund promoting unity through diversity, to honor her son’s memory the next month.

Webb has since started working towards her bachelor’s degree in… more »

New research cracks “Broken Windows” myths

Posted On December 22, 2014 by Colleen Donnelly

The influential Broken Windows theory claims that the appearance of disorder triggers more fear of crime among residents, causing them to withdrawal from the community. Their absence lowers social control, leaving the area more vulnerable to serious crime.

In a recent study Andrew Young School criminologist Joshua Hinkle and Sue-Ming Yang of George Mason… more »

ARC Transportation Exec Credits AYSPS for His Success

Posted On December 18, 2014 by Marcia Jones Cross

When it comes to living and working in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the issue of transportation brings about lively discussions. From MARTA to the new downtown streetcar system to the Beltline, Atlantans always have an opinion about transportation and its impact on our community.

Yet having an opinion or just having a good idea is… more »

Alcohol Policy Saves Lives, Georgia State University Research Finds

ATLANTA—When crafted correctly and enforced, public policy can influence the amount and pattern of alcohol consumption in populations and prevent a significant number of alcohol-related deaths according to new research by criminologist and social epidemiologist William Alex Pridemore at Georgia State University.

Alcohol-related harm is responsible for 2.5 million deaths annually and is… more »

Research Reveals Decrease in STEM Degree Attainment as Result of Merit-based Aid

Posted On December 1, 2014 by Perri Campis, MPP Student

State merit-based aid programs have become a popular method used to reward high-performing students seeking a college degree. However, economics professor David Sjoquist and alumnus John Winters (Oklahoma State University) are doing research that shows how merit-based aid can result in unintended consequences that potentially work against these goals as the programs are currently… more »

Public Budgeting and Finance Expert, Bart Hildreth, Named New NTA Executive Director

Posted On November 20, 2014 by Marcia Jones Cross

Georgia State University professor W. Bartley Hildreth was named the new executive director of the National Tax Association (NTA) during its annual Conference on Taxation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 13-15, 2014.  An expert in public budgeting and finance, particularly in tax policy and municipal securities, Hildreth serves on the faculty in the Andrew… more »

Georgia State to Jointly Headquarter New USDA Research Center for U.S. Agri-Environmental Policy

Posted On November 19, 2014
Categories News, Publications

ATLANTA–Professors Paul Ferraro of Georgia State University and Kent Messer of the University of Delaware will head the newly created Center for Behavioral and Experimental Agri-Environmental Policy Research (CBEAR), supported with a $750,000 award from the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

CBEAR-affiliated faculty will use behavioral and… more »

Former Metro Atlanta Chamber Exec Joins Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State

ATLANTA – Retired Metro Atlanta Chamber President Sam A. Williams, a nationally recognized expert in urban competitiveness, has joined the faculty of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University.

Williams, in his new position as a professor of practice, will help plan and participate in scholarly and… more »

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