Dissertation Guidelines

These Guidelines summarize the steps you will follow to prepare for, write and submit a dissertation in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. They also include information about graduation requirements at Georgia State University and, for Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy students, at Georgia Institute of Technology.

You are responsible for the content of your dissertation, which must be your original work, and for ensuring the document is appropriately referenced and in the correct format. The content must also be approved by your dissertation chair and committee, and the final format will be reviewed by the Office of Academic Assistance (OAA) at Georgia State (Ph.D.-Economics) or the Graduate Thesis Office (GTO) at Georgia Tech (Ph.D.-Public Policy) to ensure it meets library requirements.

Georgia State OAA:
Office of Academic Assistance
Andrew Young School
14 Marietta Street, Suite G52
Atlanta, GA 30303

Georgia Tech GTO:
Graduate Studies-Thesis Office

631 Cherry Street
Savant Building, Suite 310-C
Atlanta, GA 30332

Beginning in 2005, all dissertations are submitted to an Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Database maintained by the libraries. No paper copies are required. It is your responsibility to meet the Georgia State and/or Georgia Tech and AYSPS deadlines to apply to graduate, submit the appropriate forms and your dissertation for approval, and make alterations as required so that your dissertation is in the database before the commencement ceremony.

First Steps
First steps toward completing a dissertation include selecting a topic, appointing a dissertation committee, and preparing a dissertation proposal. They also include (believe it or not) applying to graduate, as application deadlines are very early.

Before beginning actual work on your dissertation, it is advisable to select a style manual and begin using EndNotes. Information about these and other formatting considerations, as well as content requirements, are included in the Mechanics section of these Guidelines.

Final Steps
Final steps include scheduling and passing your final oral defense, preparing and submitting the digital document (ETD), applying to have your dissertation microfilmed (required) and copyrighted (optional), and completing the Survey of Earned Doctorates. And graduating!

Figures and Forms
Samples of preliminary dissertation pages required by Georgia State and Georgia Tech, and printable versions of required forms are included at the end of these Guidelines.

Quick Steps - Checklists
Downloadable checklists for the dissertation process for both economics and policy students.