Planning & Economic Development Club

Planning & Economic Development Club

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joseph Hacker


Vice President:


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The Planning & Economic Development Club (PEDC) exists to help professionalize students in the areas of planning and economic development. Enrichment of students will occur through: creating a network for students with interest in planning and economic development to interact with one another outside the classroom; informing planning and economic development students of academic and professional opportunities in this area; connecting planning and economic development students to professionals working in this field, hosting a monthly speaker series with topics in planning and economic development; and further enhancing the career development of planning and economic development students at Georgia State University.

PEDC Events Overview

Monthly Speaker Series: PEDC hosts a speaker each month to discuss a topic in the planning & economic development fields. The Monthly Speaker Series helps to provide students with a background of important issues in planning & economic development, as well as an insight into what careers in planning & economic development are like.

The Weekend Planner: Join us for our new monthly social event. One Friday a month, come out and relax after a busy week of work and classes while networking with AYS planning and economic development alumni as well as professionals in the field.

PEDC Coffee House: Join us for our new monthly breakfast reading group. One Saturday a month, come grab some breakfast and coffee with other students, faculty, and alumni while discussing a short article about an current and pertinent topic in the fields of planning and economic development.

PEDC Tours: At least twice a year, we announce opportunities for our members and students to participate in a PEDC Tour. These tours highlight and educate students on recent developments, projects, and organizations within the Atlanta Metro Region. A few of our former tours include the KIA Manufacturing Plant, the City of College Park, and the Atlanta Beltline. Once the tours are announced, please email the club president to book your spot in the tour.

GIS Workshops: Demographic Maps and Data Made Easy Workshop Series
Sponsored by Joe Hurley, Georgia State University GIS Librarian

• Demographic Maps and Data Made Easy: Social Explorer
In this Social Explorer session you will learn how to quickly create demographic maps using the United States census data from 1790 to 2011. You’ll also learn how to generate tabular census data reports from the national down to the block group level.

• Demographic Data Analysis Made Easy: SimplyMap
In this SimplyMap session you will learn how to perform a spatial and demographic analysis of carious locations such as state, city or census tract, including a radius around a location. SimplyMap provides access to United States census data, including normalized census data from 1980 to 2010, and also business, marketing and health data. You’ll learn how to display your analysis on a map and how to export your data to Excel.

• Community Profiles Made Easy: Community Analyst and Business Analyst
In this Community Analyst and Business Analyst session you will learn how to quickly create community profiles of City of Atlanta neighborhoods based on the official neighborhood boundaries. You will learn how to generate community profiles using United States census, business and marketing data. Each community profile can be exported as a professional quality PDF report or as an Excel file.

►►Community Analyst and Business Analyst require a special login account and therefore all attendees must pre-register for this workshop. Email Joe Hurley to register for this workshop.

Past Meetings

September 9th, 2013 – Welcome Back Meeting (pdf)