Searing, Elizabeth

Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Public Management and Policy

Elizabeth Searing began her studies in the doctoral program in Public Policy at Georgia State University in the fall of 2011.  Her primary concentration is in nonprofit studies, with secondary foci in social entrepreneurship, program evaluation, and economic development.  She earned her Master of Economics from Georgia State University and her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Texas A&M University.  Prior to earning her Masters, she was COO of Taknosys Software Corporation, which specialized in software products supporting the teaching of professional ethics at a university level.  She has also served in local government and held numerous board and management positions in small, local nonprofits.

Elizabeth has taught both microeconomics and nonprofit sector courses at the undergraduate level; this interdisciplinary focus emerges in her research in nonprofit and social enterprise ecology, evidence-based policy, the role of social and psychological factors in economic development and policy effectiveness, and applied ethics for the social sciences.

Portrait of Elizabeth Searing
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