Krawee (Kevin) Ackaramongkolrotn Senior Research Assoc.
Tanisa Adimu Senior Research Associate
Matt Arp Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions and Program Administration
Azimi Andia
Spencer Banzhaf Professor
Kimberly Bass Project Coordinator
Janelle Bassett Kerlin Associate Professor ,
Elizabeth Beck Co-Principal Investigator ,
Paul Benson Associate Director / Chief Operations Officer 
Shereen Bhan Senior Research Associate/Assistant Director
Peter Bluestone Senior Research Assoc. ,
Bess Blyler Admin Spec, Academic
Nadejda Borissova Limited Term Professional
Carolyn Bourdeaux Director / Associate Professor / Associate Director , ,
Meashell Bowen Admin Coord
Alicia K. Brady Director of Development
Jane Branscomb Senior Research Associate
Timothy Brezina Professor
Brian Bride Social Work Director and Professor
Fred Brooks Associate Professor ,
Robert Buschman Senior Research Assoc. ,
Robyn Bussey Research Associate II
John Butts Research Associate II
Damon Camp Associate Professor Emeritus
Rachel Campos Research Associate II
K. Juree Capers Assistant Professor
Althea Carr Admin Assistant
Danielle Churchill Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Students A-K
Evan Cole Associate Project Director
Sue Carter Collins Associate Professor
Charles Courtemanche Assistant Professor ,
James Cox Professor and EXCEN Director ,
Marcia Cross Publication Specialist III
Musharraf Cyan Senior Research Associate
Dean Dabney Associate Professor
Leah Elizabeth Daigle Associate Professor
Tanya Davis Administrative Coordinator
Cindy Clark Davis Asst. Dir., Business Operations
Renanda Wood Dear Director of Student and Community Services and Senior Academic Professional
Ann DiGirolamo Senior Research Associate
Jimmy Dills Research Associate II
Margo Doers Admin Coord Sr ,
Cina Draper Administrative Assistant
Huiping Du Research Assoc. I
Jamila Edwards Grants and Contracts Officer II
Ann-Margaret Esnard Professor
Jessica Estep Affiliated Faculty
Deana Farmer Senior Research Associate
Andrew Feltenstein Professor
Rachel Ferencik Senior Research Associate
Paul Ferraro Professor ,
Becca Fink Communications & Marketing Specialist
Mary Finn Professor
Nicholas Forge Clinical Assistant Professor
Robert Friedmann Professor Emeritus
Shelby Frost Clinical Associate Professor
Elizabeth Fuller Associate Project Director
Kristi Fuller Senior Research Associate
Liz Gallaspy Training Specialist
Reynold Galope Visiting Assistant Professor
Sacha Gayle Administrative Assistant
Elsa Gebremedhin Business Manager
Jennifer Giarratano Public Relations Manager
John Gibson Assistant Professor
Darrell Green Training Specialist
Ellen Green Kenny A Project Research Technician ,
Caroline Griffin Admin Spec, Managerial
Shiferaw Gurmu Professor ,
Melissa Haberlen Research Associate II
Joseph F. Hacker Clinical Assistant Professor
Jaiwan Harris Business Manager II , ,
Robin Marie Hartinger-Saunders Assistant Professor
Nicholas Harvey Visiting Assistant Professor
Kenneth Heaghney State Fiscal Economist / Research Professor of Economics ,
Garth Heutel Assistant Professor
W. Bartley Hildreth Professor ,
Joshua Conard Hinkle Assistant Professor
Barry Hirsch Professor ,
Julie Hotchkiss Adjunct Professor ,
Kimberly Hoyt Kenny A Project Manager
Muhammad M. Husain Visiting Instructor
Liz Imperiale Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing
Jan Ivery Associate Professor
Scott Jacques Assistant Professor
Denise Jenkins College Financial Officer
Catherine Johansson Career and Employer Relations Specialist
Cyntoria Johnson Clinical Instructor
Bill Kahnweiler Associate Professor
Bruce Kaufman Professor ,
Mohammad Khalaf Research Associate II
Debra Kibbe Senior Research Associate
Debra E. Klausner Limited Term Faculty (Clinical Instructor)
Daniel Kreisman Assistant Professor
Nancy Kropf Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Planning and Professor ,
Michelle Lacoss Administrative Specialist - Curriculum
Glenn Landers Associate Project Director
Susan Laury Associate Professor and Associate Director (EXCEN) ,
Laura Letzinger Kenny A Project Research Technician
Terri Denise Wingate Lewinson Assistant Professor
Greg Lewis Department Chair and Professor ,
Bernice Liddie-Hamilton Director of Field Education and Clinical Assistant Professor
Jan Ligon BSW Program Director and Associate Director
Jill Leslie Littrell Associate Professor
Cathy Yang Liu Associate Professor , , ,
Jamia Luckett Administrative Specialist-Admin
Peter Lyons Associate Provost and Professor
Kyle Mangum Assistant Professor ,
Jon Mansfield Clinical Associate Professor
Michelle Marcus Rushing Research Associate II
James Martin Associate Professor
Jorge Martinez-Vazquez Regents Professor and Director ,
James Marton Associate Professor ,
Mary Mason Administrative Assistant
Jack Mason Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Ranee McEntire Visiting Instructor
Gayon McFarquhar-Johnson Facilities, Safety, and Security Coordinator
Susan McLaren Research Associate II
Karen Minyard Director & Associate Research Professor ,
Janaia Moore College HR Officer
Robert Moore Associate Professor ,
Tom Mroz Professor
Attiyya Mujahid Knowledge Management Specialist
Timothy Naughton Kenny A Project Research Technician
Harvey Newman Professor Emeritus
Nguedia Pierre Nguimkeu Assistant Professor
Grace O Clinical Assistant Professor
John O’Kane Professor of Practice
Abena Otudor Departmental Administrative Coordinator
Angela Overton Clinical Assistant Professor
Lakshmi Pandey Senior Research Assoc. ,
Chris Parker Associate Project Director
Tamanna Patel Research Associate II
Carlianne Patrick Assistant Professor ,
Jacqueline Pearce Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Students L-Z
Colleen Perry Director
Mary Ann Phillips Associate Project Director
Amanda Phillips Martinez Senior Research Associate
Theodore Poister Professor
Annette Pope Associate Director
Michael Price Associate Professor
William Alex Pridemore Distinguished University Professor
Astrid Prudent Research Associate II
Jeff Pruett College Technology Director
LaRose Raston Business Manager II
Avani Raval College Administrative Officer
Mark Reed Associate Professor
Pramesti Resiandini Visiting Faculty
Mark Rider Associate Professor , ,
Felix Rioja Associate Professor and Director of the Masters Program
Christine Robinson Admin Coord Sr
Christine Roch Associate Professor & Director of GSU and Joint (with Georgia Tech) Doctoral Programs in Public Policy
Brittney Romanson Research Associate I
Glen Ross Clinical Associate Professor ,
Elisabet (Lisa) Rutstrom Professor
Vjollca Sadiraj Associate Professor ,
Cheryl Sahib Business Manager III
Tim Sass Distinguished University Professor ,
Laura Schroeder Instructional Services Specialist
Lionel Scott, Jr. Associate Professor
Kathryn (Kitty) Seabolt Training Specialist
Bruce Seaman Associate Professor , ,
Cynthia Searcy Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Assistant Professor , , ,
Kristie Seelman Assistant Professor
Hiram Seraphin Research Associate/Senior Operations Manager
Linda Serra Senior Editorial and Production Coord
Michael Shapiro Clinical Instructor
Lisa Shepard Departmental Academic Specialist
David Sjoquist Professor , ,
Carol Smith Field Education Office and Academic Professional
Angela Snyder Assistant Research Professor ,
Paula Stephan Professor ,
Gregory Streib Professor , ,
Jack Strickland, III Research Assoc. II
Todd Swarthout Assistant Research Professor and EXCEN Operations Director ,
Dorie Taylor Assistant Director, FRC ,
Rusty Tchernis Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program ,
Brent Teasdale Associate Professor
John C. Thomas Professor
Andrey Timofeev Research Assistant Professor
Volkan Topalli Professor
Arthur Turner Micr./Comp Sftw Technology Spec. I ,
Beverly Tyler Associate Project Director
Neven Valev Adjunct Faculty
Mary Beth Walker Andrew Young School Dean, Professor , , , ,
Sally Wallace Chair, Department of Economics , , ,
Nicholas Warner Research Assoc. I ,
Barbara Warner Professor
Karen Watkins Clinical Assistant Professor
William Waugh Professor
Mindy R Wertheimer MSW Program Director and Clinical Professor
Laura Wheeler Senior Research Assoc. ,
Alicia White Admin Spec, Academic
Deborah Marie Whitley Associate Professor
Deborah Whitley, PhD Co-Principal Investigator
Shelly-Ann Williams Director, Academic Assistance
Katherine Willoughby Professor , , ,
James Wolk Professor, Retired
Richard Wright Chair
Yongsheng Xu Professor
Dennis Young Professor ,
Mei Zhou Senior Research Associate
Journalist Ann Compton covered the White House 40 years before she retired this year. Enjoy! via @aysps 3 days ago
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