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Carolyn Bourdeaux

Associate Professor (On a leave of absence for the 2018 academic year)    

Ph.D., Syracuse University


Carolyn Bourdeaux is currently on a leave of absence for the 2018 academic year.

Carolyn is an Associate Professor of Public Management and Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and was the founding Director of the Center for State and Local Finance. She also previously served as the associate director of the school’s Fiscal Research Center. From 2007-2010, Dr. Bourdeaux was on leave from the University to serve as Director of Georgia’s Senate Budget and Evaluation Office.  Her background in academia and work in the public sector spans a wide range of areas that include state budget and tax policy as well as transportation policy, land use planning, economic development, environmental policy, education, and administrative reform.  Her recent research has focused on cutback budgeting, tax reform, intergovernmental fiscal relations as well as the legislative budget processes and decision-making.  Recent publications include a review of state tax reform efforts around the country, Georgia’s effort to implement program based budgeting published in the Journal of Public Budgeting and Finance and legislative influences on performance based budgeting reform in Public Administration Review.

Aside from her recent work with the State of Georgia, her background at the local level includes work for local and regional transportation and economic development agencies. Her experience at the federal level includes working in Washington, D.C., as a legislative aide to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon and prior to this, Representative Robert Menendez of New Jersey.  Carolyn received her bachelor’s degree in History and Economics from Yale, her MPA from the University of Southern California, and her Ph.D. in Public Administration from Syracuse University.