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James Cox

Noah Langdale Jr. Chair in Economics; Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar; Director, Experimental Economics Center    ,

Ph.D., Harvard University


Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory


Vita: Download (PDF)

Professor Cox has conducted research on integration of portfolio choice and consumer demand theories, public expenditure theory, credit rationing, energy policy, economics and political economics of minimum wage legislation, auction markets, job search models, decentralized mechanisms for control of monopoly, the utility hypothesis, the preference reversal phenomenon, procurement contracting, topics in social epistemology and legal theory, group vs. individual behavior in strategic market games and fairness games, and e-commerce with combinatorial demands. His current research includes behavioral experiments and theoretical modeling of: trust, reciprocity, and altruism; trust and trustworthiness of immigrants and native-born Americans; calibration paradoxes for small- and large-stakes risk aversion; incentive compatibility of payoff mechanisms for choice under risk; public goods and common pool resources; and isomorphic centipede games and Dutch auctions.

Collaborative research with surgeons is in progress on improving hospital discharge decision-making and analysis of decision-making for human organ rejections or acceptances for transplantation.  Professor Cox’s work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and other research support institutions.