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John Gibson

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D., Economics, Florida State University


Macroeconomics, Financial and Monetary Economics, Computational Methods


Dr. Gibson’s primary areas of study are macroeconomics, financial economics, monetary economics, and computational methods.  His current research is focused on the study of endogenous frictions and their effect on the performance of the aggregate economy.  His recent work has investigated the important role played by financial frictions in accounting for key business cycle facts.  Current findings suggest that fluctuations in firms’ access to credit may be crucial in explaining business cycle asymmetry as well as aggregate labor market dynamics. Dr. Gibson joined the economics department in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies in 2013 after completing his PhD at Florida State University.  He received his B.A. in economics and mathematics from The University of Southern Mississippi.  Dr. Gibson currently teaches courses in macroeconomics at both the undergraduate and PhD level.