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Leah Daigle


Ph.D., University of Cincinnati


Dr. Daigle’s research and teaching interests include the causes and consequences of victimization, especially of sexual victimization. Her other research interests include the development and continuation of offending over time and gender differences in the antecedents to and consequences of criminal victimization and participation across the life-course. Her recent research includes the study of recurring victimization and a funded study examining crime victims’ use and satisfaction with crime victim compensation in Georgia. Dr. Daigle is co-author of Unsafe in the Ivory Tower: The Sexual Victimization of College Women and Criminals in the Making: Criminality Across the Life-Course. Her research has also appeared in peer-reviewed journals including Justice Quarterly, Victims and Offenders, The Journal of Quantitative Criminology, and The Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Areas of Focus

Victimization, Life-course criminology

Published Papers

Daigle, Leah E., Francis T. Cullen, and John Paul Wright.” Gender Differences in the Predictors of Juvenile Delinquency.” Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 5.3 (2007): 254-286.

Daigle, L. E., B. S. Fisher, and F. T. Cullen. “The Violent and Sexual Victimization of College Women: Is Repeat Victimization a Problem?Journal of Interpersonal Violence 23.9 (2008): 1296-313.

Daigle, L. E., and S. J. Mummert. “Sex-Role Identification and Violent Victimization: Gender Differences in the Role of Masculinity.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence 29.2 (2013): 255-78.

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Classes Taught (Spring 2016)

  • Victimology
  • Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice

Classes Taught (Fall 2016)

  • Victimology
  • Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice

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