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Musharraf Cyan

Research Assistant Professor and Senior Research Associate    ,

Dr.  Musharraf Cyan has returned to academic life after many years in public service. His goal is to maximize research gains that help build feasible, affordable and readily adoptable solutions for public health systems.

He worked 20 years in the areas of public services, fiscal decentralization, tax reform and development planning, recently moving his research into public health with a focus on designing and assessing the efficacy of solutions to address achievement lags in health outcomes for underserved populations.

Cyan’s research interests are global health, innovations in service delivery, development economics and public sector reform. He has consulted for organizations including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and United Nations and has worked as a local administrator and chief economist in Pakistan. He has also worked on public sector reform and policy in Nepal, Egypt, Macedonia, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Cyan also holds a degree in medicine from King Edward Medical University, Pakistan, and a master’s degree from University College, London.