Spencer Banzhaf Professor
Janelle Bassett Kerlin Associate Professor ,
Elizabeth Beck Co-Principal Investigator ,
Carolyn Bourdeaux Director / Associate Professor / Associate Director , ,
Timothy Brezina Professor
Fred Brooks Associate Professor ,
Damon Camp Associate Professor Emeritus
K. Juree Capers Assistant Professor
Sue Carter Collins Associate Professor
Charles Courtemanche Assistant Professor ,
James Cox Professor and EXCEN Director ,
Dean Dabney Associate Professor
Leah Elizabeth Daigle Associate Professor
Renanda Wood Dear Director of Student and Community Services and Senior Academic Professional
Ann-Margaret Esnard Professor
Jessica Estep Affiliated Faculty
Andrew Feltenstein Professor
Paul Ferraro Professor ,
Mary Finn Professor
Nicholas Forge Clinical Assistant Professor
Robert Friedmann Professor Emeritus
Shelby Frost Clinical Associate Professor
Reynold Galope Visiting Assistant Professor
John Gibson Assistant Professor
Shiferaw Gurmu Professor ,
Joseph F. Hacker Clinical Assistant Professor
Robin Marie Hartinger-Saunders Assistant Professor
Nicholas Harvey Visiting Assistant Professor
Kenneth Heaghney State Fiscal Economist / Research Professor of Economics ,
W. Bartley Hildreth Professor ,
Joshua Conard Hinkle Assistant Professor
Barry Hirsch Professor ,
Julie Hotchkiss Adjunct Professor ,
Jan Ivery Associate Professor
Scott Jacques Assistant Professor
Cyntoria Johnson Clinical Instructor
Bill Kahnweiler Associate Professor
Bruce Kaufman Professor ,
Debra E. Klausner Limited Term Faculty (Clinical Instructor)
Nancy Kropf Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Planning and Professor ,
Susan Laury Associate Professor and Associate Director (EXCEN) ,
Terri Denise Wingate Lewinson Assistant Professor
Greg Lewis Department Chair and Professor ,
Bernice Liddie-Hamilton Director of Field Education and Clinical Assistant Professor
Jan Ligon BSW Program Director and Associate Director
Jill Leslie Littrell Associate Professor
Cathy Yang Liu Associate Professor , , ,
Peter Lyons Associate Provost and Professor
Kyle Mangum Assistant Professor ,
Jon Mansfield Clinical Associate Professor
James Martin Associate Professor
Jorge Martinez-Vazquez Regents Professor and Director ,
James Marton Associate Professor ,
Ranee McEntire Visiting Instructor
Karen Minyard Director & Associate Research Professor ,
Robert Moore Associate Professor ,
Tom Mroz Professor
Harvey Newman Professor Emeritus
Nguedia Pierre Nguimkeu Assistant Professor
Grace O Clinical Assistant Professor
John O’Kane Professor of Practice
Angela Overton Clinical Assistant Professor
Carlianne Patrick Assistant Professor ,
Theodore Poister Professor
Michael Price Associate Professor
William Alex Pridemore Distinguished University Professor
Mark Reed Associate Professor
Pramesti Resiandini Visiting Faculty
Mark Rider Associate Professor , ,
Felix Rioja Associate Professor and Director of the Masters Program
Christine Roch Associate Professor & Director of GSU and Joint (with Georgia Tech) Doctoral Programs in Public Policy
Glen Ross Clinical Associate Professor ,
Elisabet (Lisa) Rutstrom Professor
Vjollca Sadiraj Associate Professor ,
Tim Sass Distinguished University Professor ,
Lionel Scott, Jr. Associate Professor
Bruce Seaman Associate Professor , ,
Cynthia Searcy Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Assistant Professor , , ,
Kristie Seelman Assistant Professor
Michael Shapiro Clinical Instructor
David Sjoquist Professor , ,
Carol Smith Field Education Office and Academic Professional
Angela Snyder Assistant Research Professor ,
Paula Stephan Professor ,
Gregory Streib Professor , ,
Todd Swarthout Assistant Research Professor and EXCEN Operations Director ,
Rusty Tchernis Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program ,
Brent Teasdale Associate Professor
John C. Thomas Professor
Volkan Topalli Professor
Neven Valev Adjunct Faculty
Mary Beth Walker Andrew Young School Dean, Professor , , , ,
Sally Wallace Chair, Department of Economics , , ,
Barbara Warner Professor
Karen Watkins Clinical Assistant Professor
William Waugh Professor
Mindy R Wertheimer MSW Program Director and Clinical Professor
Deborah Marie Whitley Associate Professor
Deborah Whitley, PhD Co-Principal Investigator
Katherine Willoughby Professor , , ,
James Wolk Professor, Retired
Richard Wright Chair
Yongsheng Xu Professor
Dennis Young Professor ,
Journalist Ann Compton covered the White House 40 years before she retired this year. Enjoy! via @aysps 3 days ago
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