Kevin Ackaramongkolrotn Associate Director, IT ,
Tanisa Adimu Senior Research Associate
Jessica Adkins Senior Training Specialist
Leigh Alderman Senior Advisor
Joseph Anderson Budget Analyst l
Matt Arp Director, Academic Assistance
Brandon Attell Research Associate I
Kimberly Bass Project Coordinator
Paul Benson Associate Director / Chief Operations Officer 
Jamie Bernhardt Instructional Services Specialist
Shereen Bhan Senior Research Associate/Assistant Director
Bess Blyler Admin Spec, Academic
Nadejda Borissova Limited Term Professional
Jane Branscomb Senior Research Associate
Amber Burke Administrative Specialist
Robyn Bussey Research Associate II
John Butts Senior Research Associate
Rachel Campos Research Associate II
Althea Carr Admin Assistant
Laura Castelli Associate to the Director
Danielle Churchill Assistant Director - Undergraduate Programs
Barbara Coleman Research Technician II
Rex Crawford Senior Training Specialist
Rex Crawford Senior Training Specialist
Marcia Cross Publications Specialist III
Musharraf Cyan Research Assistant Professor and Senior Research Associate ,
Nicolle Dally Evaluation Specialist ,
Cindy Clark Davis Asst. Dir., Business Operations
Tanya Davis Data Analyst Registrar
Ursula Davis Senior Research Associate
Chandrika Derricho Research Associate I
Dimple Desai Research Associate II
Ann DiGirolamo Associate Project Director/Research Associate Professor ,
Jimmy Dills Research Associate II
Margo Doers Administrative Coordinator, Senior ,
Deana Farmer Senior Research Associate
Kristi Fuller Senior Research Associate
Beth Fuller Associate Project Director
Liz Gallaspy Training Specialist
Sacha Gayle Administrative Assistant
Elsa Gebremedhin Business Manager ,
Marolyn “Lucy” Gentles Associate to the Director ,
Jennifer Giarratano PR Manager
Darrell Green Training Specialist
Caroline Griffin Admin Spec, Managerial
Melissa Haberlen Senior Research Associate
Jaiwan Harris Assistant Director, Business Operations , ,
Brittnee Hawkins Research Associate II
Emily Heberlein Senior Research Associate
Criss Hopson Senior Research Associate
Kimberly Hoyt Project Manager, Center for State and Local Finance | Administrative Director, International Center of Public Policy ,
Liz Imperiale Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing
Denise Jenkins College Financial Officer
Karl Jennings Director of Development
Ashley Jones Operations Manager
Dara Jones-Williams Administrative Specialist
Mohammad Khalaf Research Associate II
Debra Kibbe Senior Research Associate
Cheryl King (Sahib) Business Manager III
Calvin Kwaafo Administrative
Michelle Lacoss Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions & Program Administration
Tina Ladson Marketing Manager
Glenn Landers Associate Project Director/Research Assistant Professor
Rashida LeBeaux Undergraduate Advisor
Laura Letzinger Kenny A Project Research Technician
Alyssa Lowe Senior Research Associate
Jamia Luckett Administrative Coordinator Senior ,
Jamaal Madison Administrative Coordinator, Senior
Julia Martin Research Associate I
Mary Mason Administrative Assistant
Gayon McFarquhar-Johnson Facilities, Safety, and Security Coordinator
Lisa McGarrie Research Associate I
Susan McLaren Research Associate II
La’Keidra Mitchell Program Manager
Amy Mobley Program Manager ,
Janaia Moore College HR Officer
Attiyya Mujahid Knowledge Management Specialist
Timothy Naughton Kenny A Project Research Technician
Colette Nicole Instructional Services Specialist ,
Abena Otudor Departmental Administrative Coordinator
Chris Parker Associate Project Director
Tamanna Patel Senior Research Associate
Colleen Perry Director
Amanda Phillips Martinez Senior Research Associate
Annette Pope Associate Director
Carlena Prophet Academic Advisor I
Astrid Prudent Research Associate II
LaRose Raston Business Manager II
Avani Raval College Administrative Officer
Christine Robinson Admin Coord Sr
Debra Ross Instructional Services Specialist ,
Michelle Marcus Rushing Research Associate II
Laura Schroeder Instructional Services Specialist
Ashley Singleton Research Associate II
Amber Slyter Academic Specialist
Jessica Smith Senior Research Associate
Pat Strawser Instructional Services Specialist ,
Jack Strickland, III Research Assoc. II ,
Criss Sutton Senior Research Associate
Coleman Tanner Research Associate II
Andrey Timofeev Research Assistant Professor
Stefanie Turner Instructional Services Specialist ,
Nicholas Warner Research Assoc. I ,
Eric Watts Research Associate I
Teri Wheaton Marketing Manager
Alicia White Admin Spec, Academic
Sam Williams Assistant Director for External Relations, Professor of Practice
Lashaa Williams HR Coordinator
Cynthia Woods Grants & Contracts Officer, III
Oliwia Wozniak Instructional Services Specialist ,
Dolka Michelle Zelaya Sponsored Funded Professional/Prevention Specialist
Mei Zhou Senior Research Associate
Shelby Zimmer Project Coordinator ,