Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

The Andrew Young School does not offer wait listing or overflows into classes that are at maximum enrollment. If a course is full you may contact each department directly to inquire if new sections or seats will be added to the schedule for any particular course:

  • Criminal Justice: 404-413-1020
  • Economics: 404-413-0141
  • Public Management and Policy: 404-413-0107
  • Social Work: 404-413-1050

Generally, if no additional seats or sections will be added students should check the online schedule regularly and during the drop/add period for course openings.

Undergraduate and post-bacc students are generally restricted to taking only undergraduate level courses. Exceptions may be made based on the following criteria:

An undergraduate student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher and be within 18 semester hours of graduation; a post-baccalaureate student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in his or her undergraduate work as well as any graduate work taken at this or any other institution. Eligibility does not guarantee admission into a course.

Any graduate level course taken as an undergraduate or post-bacc student will never count toward graduate degree requirements should the student be subsequently admitted. Students should contact the Office of Academic Assistance (aysacademicassist@gsu.edu) and speak to an advisor for the appropriate for approval form and process. Most undergraduate or post-bacc students will not be eligible for an exception.

  • Note: Post-baccalaureate students who did not attend Georgia State as an undergraduate student must submit a transcript from previously attended institutions with this form.
Yes, the following minors are offered:

Department of Economics

  • Economics: To complete an Economics minor a student must take 15 hours (5 classes) in Economics with at least 9 hours (3 classes) at the 3000-4000 level.ECON 2105 and/or ECON 2106 are recommended and may be counted in the minor.

Department of Public Management and Policy

Yes. Walk-in's are held Monday through Thursday each week. The walk-in schedule is:

  • Monday: 2:30 - 4:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:30 - 11:00 AM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 - 11:00 AM
  • Thursday: 2:30 - 4:00 PM

Students may also make individual appointments by calling the OAA (404-413-0021) or emailing their advisor in advance.

If you are a current Andrew Young School student you should fill out the online Change of College form. The form is located here. If you are student in a different College and wish to switch to the Andrew Young School you should contact that Academic Assistance Office for a Change of College form. Once the change form is submitted your academic file will be transferred to the appropriate College for processing.

For undergraduate students in the Andrew Young School you should email your minor choice to the general OAA account ayspsacademicassist@gsu.edu. Your advisor will add the minor to your program. Students outside of the Andrew Young School should consult with their program advisor.

Information on the cross registration process is located here.

  • Note: Students interested in being a transient student must receive approval from their academic advisor using the transient request form completed by their academic advisor.
For seniors, visit the Office of Academic Assistance to meet with an academic advisor during walk-ins or schedule an appointment to complete your Academic Improvement Program form. Sophomores and juniors, your AIP form will be reviewed and approved by your academic advisor in the University Advisement Center. The registration hold will be removed during your advisement visit.

  • Note: it is a good idea to bring a list of the courses you would like to take next term, including alternate courses, to your AIP advisement session.
Seniors with ninety (90) credit hours or more, should call the OAA (404-413-0021) to make an appointment with your advisor.  Before the appointment, obtain a copy of the SAP form from the One-Stop-Shop.  Fill out the basic information on the form, then on a separate sheet of paper, draft your academic plan (list of classes you plan to take) for the next 3 semesters.  Be sure to refer to the projected schedule of classes for your department when drafting your academic plan.

Instructions on the mechanics of registration is located here.

Courses numbered 1000-4999 are undergraduate courses.

Enrollment verification is processed centrally at Georgia State University. More information on the process is located on the Registrar's Office webpage.

Before meeting with your advisor you should:

  • Run your academic evaluation online and determine which courses you should be taking.
  • Look at the course schedule for the next semester and make a list of the classes you would like to take and that will fit into your program of study.
  • Register for your preferred classes if registration is already in session. You may change your schedule after advisement if necessary.
  • Print your academic evaluation and bring a copy with you for review with your academic advisor.
The office is located on the ground floor of the Andrew Young School building at:

14 Marietta Street NW, Suite G-52, Atlanta, GA 30303
A campus map may be found at http://www.gsu.edu/map.html.