Welcome from the Dean

If you are looking for a dynamic, connected and diverse place to study policy, you have come to the right school.

We are recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top policy schools in the nation. Likewise, our faculty rank highly for their research and teaching. Entrepreneurial and flexible, we believe that if there’s a good idea out there, we will try it!

Our degree programs offer several options for energetic students who want to learn how good public policy can change the environment we live in today. Undergraduates will find a strong academic foundation with the tools and support needed to complete your major. A signature experience, like an internship or study abroad program, will round out your degree.

For our graduates, we are constantly looking into ways to cross-pollinate with other colleges via dual and joint degree programs. Our research programs are also often interdisciplinary, with clear avenues for collaboration and cooperation in a multitude of fields.

Good policy makes a difference in the livelihood of cities around the globe. Whether air quality, transportation and infrastructure, public safety, the social network, fiscal policy or public management, we work in all of these areas. Our faculty and staff bring this experience into our classrooms and career centers, benefitting our students and graduates.

Finally, we learn a great deal from the experiences of students we attract from all over the world. They often leave us to serve international agencies and governments. Our faculty also engages in direct policy outreach and research serving governments that span the globe

Policy is in everything. Good public policy has the potential to change the world. Every indicator shows that our students and alumni are working hard to change the world for the better.

We thank you for your interest and hope that you see a place for yourself in our vibrant learning environment.


Mary Beth Walker

AYS Dean