Ph.D. Students

  • Andia Azimi
    Adolescent sexual victimization, Life course criminology, and Bio-social criminology
  • Audrey Clubb
    Communities and crime, Fear and crime, and policy/program evaluation
  • Charles Hogan
    Illicit markets
  • Chrystina Hoffman
    Sexual victimization and revictimization of college women
  • Donald Hunt
    White collar crime, violent confrontation, Policing
  • Ellen Ballard
    Mental health and victimization, Informal mechanisms of social control, Quantitative methodology, and Statistics
  • Jane Daquin
    Prison Victimization
  • Jennifer Cruze
    Juvenile delinquency, Cyberbullying, Bullying
  • John Prevost
    Community corrections
  • Kirsten Hill
    Offender reentry and Research methods
  • Krystlelynn Caraballo
  • Michelle Harris
    Adolescent mental health, Violence and Substance abuse
  • Mindy Bernhardt
    Criminal decision-making and Criminological theory
  • Nancy Dickinson
    Intimate Partner Violence, Femicide, Familicide,
  • Rebecca Headley
  • Sara Hockin
    Program evaluation, Systems change, and Mental healthcare in the criminal justice system
  • Sarah Napper
  • Susannah Tapp
    Elder abuse and Family violence