Just Peachy? Pitting Georgia’s Non-Tax Incentives Against the Competition

Posted On July 21, 2015
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Georgia has more constitutional restrictions on public aid to private companies, and therefore on non-tax economic development incentives, than most surrounding states, according to a new report.

In “Assessing Georgia’s Non-Tax Economic Development Incentives: A Comparison of Georgia to Neighboring States,” Carlianne Patrick looks at the state’s non-tax incentives (such as… more »

Economist Improves Framework for Understanding Population Migration

Posted On July 16, 2015 by Perri Campis
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Although economics research has highlighted many well-understood factors that can influence population mobility— the migration of people—only recently have these variables been measured in a “unified way.” Economist Kyle Mangum presents a new modeling framework that does just that, introducing a way to better understand population mobility.

In his Usery Working Paper, “Cities and Labor… more »

Strengthening Economic Policymaking in South Africa

Posted On June 28, 2015

Ministers and other leaders in developing countries often call upon Andrew Young School faculty to ignite capacity-building initiatives. The government’s goal is often to strengthen its key governing and policymaking competencies.

Through this work, the school lays the groundwork for effective public policy in local and national governments worldwide that will help promote economic opportunity,… more »

Patient-Initiated Workplace Violence Affects Outcomes

Posted On June 22, 2015 by Jennifer Giarratano

ATLANTA–More than four out of five counselors who treat patients for substance abuse have experienced some form of patient-initiated workplace violence according to the first national study to examine the issue, led by Georgia State University Professor Brian E. Bride.

The study, forthcoming in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, is the… more »

AYSPS Faculty and Staff Honored for Excellence and Years of Service

Posted On June 22, 2015 by Marcia Jones Cross

Three members of the Andrew Young School faculty and staff were celebrated at a recent luncheon for their excellence as servant-leaders who go beyond the call of duty in the classroom, in their research and through their caring spirit to serve and go the extra mile.

Michael Shapiro, clinical Instructor and Alpharetta Center coordinator in… more »

A Better Way To Evaluate Conservation Policies Found by Georgia State Researchers

ATLANTA – Protected forested areas in Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Thailand have prevented the release of more than 1,000 million additional tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, an economic service provided by nature worth at least $5 billion, according to new research by Georgia State University economist Paul Ferraro with alumnus… more »

Major Grants Fund CJC Research

Pridemore Analyzes The Social Environment And Suicide

Distinguished University Professor William Alex Pridemore has been awarded $141,000 from the National Institute of Mental Health as part of a $1.9 million project with Indiana University: “Modeling the Social Environmental Influences and Mechanisms of Suicide.”

“Our goal is to bring together several large datasets in an… more »

MPA Alumnus Exemplifies the AYSPS Brand

Posted On May 31, 2015 by Marcia Jones Cross
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Take a stroll around downtown Atlanta on any given day and you will see a neatly uniformed Downtown Ambassador pointing a conventioneer in the right direction, another steam cleaning the sidewalks, and others doing any number of activities. They work around the clock to foster a safe and inviting downtown for the area’s visitors,… more »