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Become a Field Education Site:  The School utilizes community agencies for students in both the undergraduate (B.S.W.) and graduate (M.S.W.) programs.   If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a field education internship site, please click below.
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Community Projects:  Requests for Proposals.  Georgia State University School of Social Work, with a sole concentration in community partnerships, requests proposals from Atlanta area agencies/organizations who would like to  have second year Masters students work with them on a community project. Projects typically involve 4 – 6 students who, in partnership with an agency,  plan, implement, and evaluate a semester-long community project.  For more information, please click below.
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Faculty Expertise:  The faculty in the School of Social Work represent a diverse group of researchers, scholars and educators in the following areas:  Administration, Aging, Child Welfare, Community Organizing & Partnerships,  Family Caregiving, Family Violence, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Mental Health and Addictions, Social Work Education & Curriculum, Restorative Justice, Welfare Reform.  To find a faculty member with particular expertise, please visit the Expert’s Guide.